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My New Sodoku Book – Sudoku for Kids – Champions 120 Easy to Hard Puzzles

Hello Friends,

I have published my new book recently that has a title Sudoku for Kids – Champions: 120 Easy to Hard Puzzle.

This book available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Japan, France, Canada as well as on Amazon India, and Flipkart. The link for both platforms is given below.

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It is specifically designed for kids aged 4 to 12 years. This is not reading the book but it is a practice book. Kids will not only enjoy doing the puzzles but they will also improve their analytical ability when they do complete the puzzles.

This is one of the books in the series, there are other books that will follow in Sudoku for kids series. I have planned for at least 3 books on Sudoku for kids. Sudoku is very for improving analytical ability among kids.

Sudoku is not only useful for kids but for elders also. One research says that one who practices the Sudoku puzzle does not get into memory loss at old age. So, everyone must practice at least one Sudoku puzzle in a week. This will not only give them satisfaction but also keep them engaged in mental activity.

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Watch a video below that explains the process of solving –