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Sudoku Books

There are 2 categories of Sudoku Puzzle Books here. One is for kids (4-12) and other is for elders (13-100).

1. Sudoku for Intelligent Kids

This book is the best Sudoku puzzle book for kids and it has a huge collection of 240 Sudoku Puzzles (4×4) for kids. The puzzles vary in Difficulty From Easy To Hard!

The main features of the book are –

  • There are 240 Sudoku puzzles of 4X4 size that is best-suited kids to start solving puzzles.
  • Large Print Edition (Font Size of Puzzles is 20) makes kids easy to catch. Good for elders also who want to pass time.
  • Difficulty levels vary to make kids step up in the ladder.
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions given to teach someone who has never heard of Sudoku and explained with pictures for better understanding.
  • This book is specially designed for kids age 4 years and older, but also good for beginners of all ages!
  • Great gift, and a great travel book for a long car or plane rides.
  • Clean and easy-to-read in a comfortable layout; no crammed pages….or something like this:

This is a great way to teach children how to have fun with numbers at a young age. Kids will enjoy this book and will develop logical, mathematical reasoning skills at a younger age.

2. Sudoku for Kids – Champions

This sudoku book is for kids above 4 years and it has 120 puzzles of varying difficulty (easy to hard). As you already know, Sudoku boosts the logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills of kids at a younger age.

Sudoku also improves critical thinking and helps in making quick decisions. Each puzzle in this Sudoku puzzle book has been carefully checked and chosen to ensure that each puzzle has a unique solution. Sudoku is a brain game that helps to train the brain of your child.

sudoku for kids champions

3. Sudoku Puzzle Books Volume 1 & Volume 2

This book published in 2 volumes. Both books are for 13+ years. These books can be used by people of 90 years age also. The features of the books are given below-

Features of Sudoku Puzzle Book Volume 1-

  • 200 Puzzles;
  • Puzzles are in varying difficulty – Easy, Medium, Hard, Extremely Hard;
  • How to solve puzzle instructions given and explained with pictures;
  • Sudoku Puzzles in this book are designed in such a way that solving Sudoku will sharpen the mind of solvers.

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Features of Sudoku Puzzle Book Volume 2

  • The book includes FREE bonus puzzles;
  • Puzzles are available for every skill level: Beginner to Expert;
  • 50 Easy, 100 Medium, 50 Hard, and Bonus Puzzles;
  • This large print edition (Puzzles Font is 20), making it good for senior citizens;
  • Puzzles are easy to cut out, wider margins make it easy;
  • For beginners it includes Puzzles Solving Techniques;
sudoku puzles game book volume 2 by chandra bhushan singh
Sudoku Puzzle Game Book Volume 2