My Diary Speaks 10th October 2014

All about 9th October 2014.

What a lovely day it was since morning. I could sleep well at night and nice yoga session in the morning. But Jiya got up at 7:30 AM. Whomsoever is there in the house is after her. All goes around her being the youngest in the house. Immediate pampering gets started by her mother and myself. Forget yoga, nothing else is possible if she is not agreed to anything.

I took morning tea which was wonderful as usual as my wife makes very good tea. My wife was also happy as today she went to drop Swapnil off his school bus by scooter first time. It was her first independent ride on a scooter driving with someone sitting behind. She drove the scooter on very few occasions but nobody was sitting in the backseat.

Anyway, she was happy with this first Honda Activa Drive. I have appreciated her many times or her adventure whenever she does so. But she complained to me that carrying Swapnil in the backseat is a little difficult. As Swapnil doesn’t sit quietly and keeps moving on his seat on the way they make drive uneasy and imbalanced. She told me Swapnil does not know how to get down, he shakes a complete scooter while getting down which makes the scooter shake a lot and difficult to make balance.