Word Search Books

Word search books are useful for kids to increase their vocabulary and memory power. Kids learn to think an intelligent way. Analytical power and logical reasoning power increases drastically with word search puzzles. Thus every student (starting from grade 1) must use word search books.

Help your child learn to read through these fun filled word search book.

Every book is designed for specific age of kids. Age is given at cover page of each book. You can buy them from Amazon (link given below) or from Book store near you.

1. My First Word Search Puzzle Workbook for Kids

Kids learn best when have fun with a book and the same is here. This word search book is good for kids of Kindergarten to 2nd Grade, , Ages 4-6 & 6-8. Kids of grade upto 4th can find it useful.

Main features of the book are –

  • This book is filled with 54 exciting word search puzzles;
  • Book will help to enhance multiple skills of your kids: Vowels, Opposites, Rhyming Words, and More!
  • Help in increasing vocabulary;
  • Help in developing the analytical power of a child at a young age;
  • Help in improvement of memory.

This is will give fun and educational benefit to your Kindergarteners to second Graders.

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2. Word Search for Intelligent Kids

This word search book has large print and it also good for senior citizens who want to start with word search. Kids will find this boos interesting and engaging as well.

This word search book is good for age 6 to 12 years of age (also for senior citizen). This is a great way to teach children how to have fun and increase their vocabulary at a young age.

These are the main feature of the book –

  • This Word Search book has 85 Fun-filled Puzzles for Intelligent Kids;
  • This is good for ages 6 – 12 Years;
  • Large print makes it good for senior citizens also;
  • The book can good gift;
  • Good for travel on long car drive or plane rides;
  • Clean and easy-to-read in a comfortable layout; no crammed pages.