Other Books

There are many books that can not be categorized in one field and all those are listed here.

1. Chalisa Mahasangrah / चालीसा महासंग्रह

This book has 54 Chalisa on many Gods / Goddesses. This is a unique book on Hinduism as no other book has this Chalisa in a book. It took a lot of effort to collect all the Chalisa and put together for the reader.

Chalisa Mahasangrah contains 54 chalisa of many Gods and Godesses

The Chalisa in this book are – Hanuman, Gayatri, Durga, Kali, Surya, Ganesh, Navgrah, Shiv, Kabir, Saraswati, Radha, Mahakali, Ram, Lakshmi, Tulsi, Vaishno Devi, Ravidas and 54 more …….

2. Trace and Write Hindi Alphabets – An Activity Book

This is an activity book for beginners who want to learn Hindi through English. This useful who are not Hindi speaking. Useful for kids as well for adults who are learning Hindi. Main features of this book are –

  1. It has Hindi Vowels and Consonants for writing practice;
  2. Step by Step Guide is given to Trace Letters;
  3. This book has Large Print that Makes it Easy for Kids and elders to Practice;
  4. Good to Start for Beginner’s who want to learn Hindi through English;
  5. The book includes All Hindi Alphabets (vowels and consonants).
Learn hindi through english in 30 days is an activity book contains consonant and vowels

To this book cheaper, we have made its interior in black and white while cover of the book is colourful as shown in pic.

3. Slitherlink Loop the Loop Puzzles

This is really unique puzzle book becuase loop puzzle are not that popular as is Sudoku. The puzzle are carefully designed. These puzzle are passtime for all ages and at the same time it increase mental & analytical skills. The main feature of this books are-

  1. We have started this book with a brief history of Loop the Loop Puzzle
  2. Rules of Puzzle and How to Play is given in easy to understand manner
  3. There are 108 carefully selected puzzles that makes it wonderful.
  4. Printing and size of the book is such that it is good to carry on travel
loop the loop puzzles book is available at Amazon

This book is ideal for biginners as well as for experts. So go for it and enjoy the life.