My Diary Speaks 10th August 2013

All about 10th August 2013

It was late in the morning when I got up at 7 AM as I slept late due to the work on the website for making a new forum for website Anyway, although I did not feel well but got up to see whether my sweetheart has gone to walk or not as she was not in her room with Jiya. It means she has gone for the walk, being on the safe side, I preferred to lay by side of Jiya so that she can feel some warm touch and sleep for the time she needs. I also tried to take an extra nap but it was not possible to sleep as I could not manage to bring sleep to my eyes. Although, I knew that there may not be any sleep as after sunrise but tried. If I take bath and breakfast then I can sleep well.

Shortly after Preeti came back from her walk and obviously by that time we were up. I got up immediately and had a desire to take warm water and thus I asked Preeti gave me two glasses of warm water. she immediately brought one Jag water, I took a glass and started drinking water. I felt motion immediately and took the newspaper and went for the toilet. I got good motion as usual but still reading the Ahmedabad mirror newspaper, I found today’s event page and decided to attend a few events, although I had decided to go to Godrej Interio shop for purchase of table I preferred to take a nap after the meal.

Suddenly we received a discount coupon for Domino’s Pizza from a courier boy, so it was decided by me to have pizza today for lunch, and that big relief for the wife as she was not in the mood to prepare for lunch. As she had already served milk to me at an odd hour.

Finally, it was a good decision now, as it was time to take bath before the Pizza meal arrives. Jiya and Abhiraj both jumped in joy to take bath with me as both enjoy eating pizza. Immediately, Abhiraj went into the bathroom and took over the first control of all available resources in the bathroom like the mug, tub, soaps, and obviously most of the space available. He started bathing in a haphazard manner without any rubbing and cleaning as he take bathing as an opportunity to feel joy in him. Meanwhile, I got ready for a bath and when I entered the bathroom Jiya cried to let her take bath first. She undressed with the help of her mother. Her mother asked to be quick as her body look warm. I gave her a quick bath though she felt cold and started weeping.

Anyway, in a few minutes, I swiped Jiya and cleaned her as she was ready to go out of the bathroom. She was handed over to her mother but she started crying and said to be in the bathroom for some more bath as she also enjoys bathing but she was out in a moment when her mom brought a soaking towel. Later, I Bathed Abhiraj properly as he generally use to take bath himself and that is not proper.

Anyway, I also bathed, and before I finish someone knocked on the doorbell. pizzaman was expected who was attended by Preeti. She paid him but a discount coupon was required by the delivery boy which was kept by me, so I had to come up for this job from the bathroom. I came out of the bathroom and handed over the discount coupon for Domino’s Pizza that was received a few hours back by a courier in the name of Kevlani.

Finally, the delivery boy departed happily after I thank him for his service. All of us literally grabbed the pizza except his mom who was to arrange the sauce, water, and plates and obviously serve to all three children; yes third child includes me also who behaves as a child most of the time in the house. Finally, Pizza was distributed among all with tomato sauce. As usual, Jiya started licking sauce instead of eating real pizza. Finally, Preeti also joined the Grand personal party.

Within a few minutes, Pizza was finished. We enjoyed the pizza more today as we used the coupon of someone else and received pizza at a discount of 50%. It was a heavy discount that settled us at rupees 330 which could be more than 600 rupees MRP. Abhiraj and I took the bed for a small nap after the meal and obviously that was a small piece of newspaper,

I woke up at 4 p.m. and shortly after Abhiraj also got up. We both were getting ready for the outing to an event that was scheduled today at 6:00 p.m. at the Landmark store of ISKCON Mall. This was a special event for me as I was about to meet Mr Ravinder Singh the author of the book “I Too Had A Love Story”. Abhiraj was also excited as he was going out and that too the new mall. I decided to take auto instead of our own vehicle. We took an auto rickshaw that followed the route via Himmatlal park and Mansi circle.

We arrived at Iskon Mall by 5 p.m. sharp. On arrival at the destination, the biggest problem was a change for the auto fair which was Rs 45, while I had 500 and 1000 rupees notes and hardly a few coins. By mutual understanding, I decided let I go inside the mall and purchase some eatables and then pay the auto fare. I purchased a doughnut and a bottle of mineral water for Abhiraj and then paid the fare after coming out of the mall and coming back again.

Now the special event was at a special place and that was Landmark store and Mr. Ravinder Singh. Immediately upon entering the store I inquired about the event to start and they confirmed he arrived. After listening to the arrival of Ravinder Singh, I felt relieved as I was in right place and right time with my good fortune as it was only 5:15 p.m. So, I had plenty of time before the special event, to begin with, so I went into the store to look at the top-selling books and any other interesting items but I could not find anything that I could purchase from the store. It wasn’t that way that it didn’t have anything interesting but these days I preferred to purchase from the online store Flipkart which is cheaper and best.

Just before 6 p.m. I took a seat as people started gathering and occupying seats so it was in mind to take a seat before it is too late which is normal in such events. It was not long waiting for not me when Abhiraj started demanding some food items of his interest like chocolate of different physical appearance which is same as others but these attract the 7-year boy most in the store. After a long wait and visiting off washroom 2 times by me and 3 times by Abhiraj the time has fallen on Landmark store and Mr. Ravinder Singh appeared there. Immediately gathering started taking snapshots and he then settled to his seat with a broad smile on his face and crowd followed him and seated except me who has already sat on the chair.

Abhiraj took many photos and clicks himself on his mobile. They started with a small introduction that followed a video and a question-answer session. Ravindra Singh read the most popular book paragraph of his book and most people enjoyed it. At last, people made a queue for taking his autograph of the book. Finally, Abhiraj’s number came but he hesitated to go to Ravinder Singh, and then he called Abhiraj and I pushed. Abhiraj went to him and asked him his name, and school name, and gave him a few biscuits. Finally, he has given an Autograph to Abhiraj and he was with it but did not thank him. After Ravinder asked to at least thank him. I also took autograph for Anita Bhabhi.

We both came back home by auto. Immediately upon arrival, Abhiraj went to Mrs. Verma bhabhi house on the second floor but was disappointed as they were not at home. Finally, he came back and took off his clothes. we told the whole story to his mom and took a small dinner and settled for the bed while Pretti took the book and after a little discussion she also took the bed