Sudoku Puzzle Game Book Volume 1

My Book – Sudoku Puzzle Game Book Volume 1

Hi Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that my book Sudoku Puzzle Game Book Volume 1 has been self-published and listed on Flipkart and Amazon. You may visit them in Flipkart and Amazon India at the link given below-

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Amazon India ->

This book was initially published in US at amazon online store but I could not get proper way to publish in India easily. But with lot of efforts my first book is now listed in India for people to buy and enjoy the book.

Later, POD and self published books was started by few publishers like Pothi. This was very good opportunity for authors likes us. Thus, I have self published this book through Pothi on Amazon India and Flipkart.

About The Book

This book has 200 Sudoku Puzzles containing 50 each of Beginner, Medium, Hard and Extremely Hard Puzzle. These are designed in such a way that everyone can enjoy book well.  Solving these puzzles involve you completely and is helpful in increasing the thinking power.

This book begins with the introduction of Sudoku, history of Sudoku, and how to solve step by step.

International Publication of this book

All About this book that was published in US and other marketplace through Amazon (This has also been published in Japan, Canada, UK, France, Denmark)

The URL of Amazon US of this Sudoku puzzle book is –

It was published in 2016 initially through Createspace independent publishing and that later merged with Amazon.  The book was published in paperback form as well Kindle form.

Publishing in Kindle format was my mistake as Sudoku can not be practice in Kindle format. Due to this I got bad reviews also that has affected the sale of the book. I should have removed the book from Kindle immediately but as I did not notice it early thus damage has been permanently created.

An Update on 22nd March 2020 – Total 594 copies are sold on Amazon India/ Flipkart through Pothi. The numbers are increasing day by day.

Further – 

  1. I will publish other volumes of Sudoku and total maybe 4 volumes in this series.
  2. Sudoku for kids also has many volumes that have many types of Sudoku for kids in 4×4, 6×6 that good for kids. Kids will enjoy solving these sudokus. I will announce this soon.