The height of favouritism in Punjab Telecom Circle BSNL

Today, I will tell you the fact and the situation that I have faced at the Chandigarh BSNL office.

Well, I have visited the office of the Chief General Manager, BSNL Punjab Mr. Manjeet Singh Dhillon at Chandigarh. Before telling you things in detail, let me tell you there is an acute shortage of DGMs (ITS officers at the DGM level) in the Punjab Telecom circle. BSNL have a few ITS officers posted in Chandigarh therefore there’s a heavy requirement for ITS officers everywhere.

Earlier Punjab Circle begged BSNL Corporate office to post ITS officer as their services are suffering and customers are crying. This information was given to me from BSNL corporate office Delhi that Punjab circle wants at least 10 ITS officers and out of them at least 5 at Chandigarh. But due to an acute shortage of ITS officers after repatriation, BSNL Corporate officer is not able to spare the officers.

In such a scenario, if any ITS officer wants to get posted at Chandigarh then he/she should be given warm welcome and that is natural but in reality caste, and regionalism plays a bigger role than BSNL services.

Being an ITS officer, today (30th September 2016), I visited the office of Mr. MS Dillon, Chief General Manager BSNL Punjab Circle, Chandigarh. I arrived at his office around 10:30 AM to meet him while he was free at his office (I was told by his PS). I have given my introduction to the PS and requested him to inform CGM that an ITS officer has come to visit him and I have also added my introduction. I told him that I have come from BSNL Lucknow, UPE circle.

After waiting for 3 hours CGM called me into his chamber while he was not doing anything at all (though I am not sure whether he was free or busy with some work). But, I came to know through his PS that he does not have much work today and is relatively free today.

Anyway, I won’t bother much with this let’s come to the point. Well after two-three hours of wait , I think around it was 1 pm when I entered his chamber. I just wished him namaste and he responded well and directly he asked what for you have come for here without asking to take a seat. I told him that being an ITS officer, I just want to join the Punjab Telecom circle as a DGM. I told him that I want a posting at Chandigarh. He immediately denied to take me to post at Chandigarh and said why are you coming from UP to Punjab? No post is available in Chandigarh (while there were several vacancies).

During the discussion, he told me that vacant seats are reserved for people coming from Jammu (which means he was least bothered about BSNL but for his near and dear ones that are posted at Jammu and will come in a year to join Chandigarh). It means he is least bothered about the welfare of BSNL. These types of officers made a huge loss to BSNL which did not bother to favor BSNL but rather their own wish.

Later, I met GMTD Chandigarh Mr. Sahota, who was a nice gentleman and treated me well. He asked for the reason to visit him. I told him all my story and requested him to help me. He was surprised by CGM Dillon’s behavior. He told me he desperately needs an ITS officer like you and assured me to talk to CGM in a couple of hours. Later, he told me CGM denied it as he is influenced by CGM UPE and more by officers that are coming from Jammu after 1 year. Why wait for officers that are coming from Jammu after 1 year? Doesn’t CGM bother BSNL customers? Jammu people could have been posted wherever vacancy was at the time of their posting.

Such a foolish and selfish officer made a hell-like situation for BSNL employees who are waiting for their salaries for a month. Shame on Mr. M. S. Dhillon.

These kinds of officers (CGM Dhillon type) made a huge loss to BSNL. They should have been punished with a huge cost. But in govt. set up who this !!