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Learn Hindi Through English in 30 Days – Hindi Alphabets and Numbers for Beginners

There are 2 books in this series (1 book is still to come out). Both the books offer learning Hindi through English for those who do not know. First book, teaches learning Hindi Alphabets and Numbers (the details given below) and second book offers writing/ tracing Hindi vowels. Title of both books are –

  1. Learn Hindi Through English – Hindi Alphabets and Numbers for Beginners
  2. Trace and Write Hindi Vowels : An Activity Book

Both books are available on Amazon online store – Links of both at Amazon US is given below –


1. Learn Hindi Through English – Hindi Alphabets and Numbers for Beginners

This was my first book published on Amazon US through Createspace Independent Publishing platform. This book is for those who want to learn Hindi through English. This book offers to Learn Hindi Through English in 30 days. This book has made learning easy. This book is for beginners and makes strong foundation in Hindi language. This book covers following topics

  1. Hindi Alphabets (Vowels and Consonants)
  2. Pronunciation of every Hindi Alphabets
  3. Hindi Vowels with Pictures and Pronunciations
  4. Hindi Consonants with Pictures and Pronunciations
  5. Learn Counting of Hindi Numbers with Pronunciations in English
  6. Hindi Ordinal Numbers with pronunciations in English…………..and lot more

2. Trace and Write Hindi Vowels : An Activity Book

This book is a series of Learn Hindi Through English In 30 days given above. This is an activity book i.e. practice book. This is completely colored book (i.e. complete interior is colored)

In this book, Hindi learner’s practice Hindi vowels. for practicing Hindi vowels, a book is to be published soon as possible that is required to complete the Hindi alphabets practice.

Hindi is a language that is spoken worldwide. This book will help young kids/adults learn to write 13 Hindi vowels in engaging, intuitive, and fun way.

This book is useful for all ages from small children, to teens, to college going and adult students.

The book provides a step-by-step guided direction for writing each Hindi vowel and an extra page to practice writing for each letter.

Highlights of the book are:

  • Covers 13 vowels of Hindi
  • Name of the object given from each alphabet to understand it
  • It guides step-by-step to write each alphabet
  • Extra page given to trace and practice each alphabet
  • Pronunciation of each vowel is explained in English
learn hindi through english -trace hindi vowels

I have designed this book in such a way that makes it perfect choice for doing practice of writing Hindi vowels.

Most of the non-Hindi speaker find Hindi difficult to learn due unavailability proper reading/ learning material. I have tried to fill this knowledge and availability gap through by Book. It will provide best way to learn Hindi from elementary level.

Having any suggestion, let me know through comments and reviews on Amazon at product page of these books